Frequently Asked Questions


Are there trial lesson available?

Yes, trial lessons can be arranged. In fact, we strongly advice for the child to attend 1 trial lesson first before committing. We want to ensure that the child likes the teacher, lesson, and the learning environment. Trial lessons are chargeable at per lesson, unless stated otherwise.

Do you have online classes?

Yes. Our Online Lessons are fully conducted online. Parents may refer to our website here or scroll below for more details. 

What is the maximum number of students in a class?

The maximum number of students allowed in our physical classes is capped at 8 – 12pax (depending on the classroom capacity).

For online classes, we allow up to 18 students in each class.

My child is ill/ has a school programme and is unable to join the lesson for that day. Will there be a make-up lesson?

Make-up lessons can only be made with lessons within the same week (due to the lesson plan). For Online Classes, all lessons are recorded, and the video recording will be uploaded on Google Classroom where the student may watch the lesson replay for that day.

For physical lessons, if it is not possible to make-up within the same week, students may also watch a video recording from an online class of the same lesson number from the same week.

Can I download the video of the recorded lesson for my child’s revision?

We do not allow any downloading of our lesson recordings. All recordings uploaded onto Google Classrooms which you can view of replay within 2 weeks.

The class is already FULL, can you squeeze one more kid in?

Unfortunately we are unable to do so due limited space and social distancing measures.

We can put your child on the wait list and we’ll inform you once there are any vacancies available. However, we seek your understanding that we cannot guarantee a slot for your child. 

We would like to assure you that all our teachers are experienced and have been well-trained by our academic directors and heads.

Do you offer home tuition or 1-to-1 tuition?

Unfortunately, we do not offer home tuition or 1 to 1 tuition. Group learning provides the platform where the child can learn by questions and mistakes made by other children in the class. Also, research has shown that peer learning can be highly effective and beneficial.

Our teachers are able to give the child much attention and consistently engage him/her. Eventually, the child needs to learn to focus in a class context, hence able to focus in school which is a bigger class. Group tuition can be a safer environment for the child as the attention is NOT Solely on him especially when he is not able to answer questions.

Drop us an email at if you would like to discuss on the suitability of our classes for your child.

Are there still regular lessons during the school holidays?

There may or not be regular lessons during the school holidays depending on the academic term. Please refer to our academic calendar for more details. 

Live Virtual Classes

What are Online Lessons about?

Classes that are offered online are PERMANENT ONLINE regular classes that will throughout the year according to BlueTree’s Academic Calendar.

Lessons are all conducted online so that the chil dwill be abel to study in the comfort of their own home or anywhere where there is excellent internet connection. 

How are Online Lessons different from regular physical lessons?

The only difference between Online lessons and Physical lessons is the mode of instruction. Lesson content and pace is the same as any regular physical lessons. Quality of teaching by our dedicated teachers will not be compromised.

Who are Online Lessons for?

We have taken the initiative to set up Online Lessons to cater to students who are excited to enroll in our tuition programmes but are unable to due to time and/or logisticss constraints or are unable to find a BlueTree branch near them.

We highly encourage students who are highly motivated, self-disciplined and those with a printer to register for the classes.

How are Online Lessons conducted?

All lessons are conducted via Zoom. Once payment has been collected and verified and registration completed, a Google Classroom link containing the lesson materials and Zoom link for the online class wil be sent to you via Whatsapp.

Attendance will be taken so do inform our teachers if your child is unable to attend lessons. 

Are the Online Lessons pre-recorded?

All lessons are conducted live, just like a normal physical lesson. There will be active discussions between teachers and students. Students are welcome to ask questions to clarify any doubts at any point of the lesson. 

However, do note that all our Online Classes will be recorded, and students will be able to rewatch the lesson until the end of term.

Will any lesson materials be given?

All lesson materials will be uploaded onto Google Classroom that the child is registered for. Parents are highly encouraged to print out the assigned lesson materials for the week so that the student is fully prepared for lessons and can participate fully.

My child is currently enrolled in an Online Class but I don't think it is suitable for him. Can I convert him to a regular physical class instead?

Yes, you may convert your child from an online class to a physical class, subject to availability. 

However, please take note that you will need to top up the difference in fees.

Fees & Payment

What is your payment term?

We collect tuition fees termly, depending on the number of weeks in a term, based on BlueTree Education’s Academic Calendar. Collection of tuition fees will start from week 7 onwards.

How many lessons are there in a term?

There are 10 to 12 lessons in each term. We have taken into account public holidays and school holidays when planning our academic calendar, which have already been excluded in the academic terms. You may view the latest academic calendar on our BlueTree Website.

Are there any additional payments, deposits or material fees that I have to pay for if I want to register my child for lessons?

Please take note of the folowing charges:

  • Registration fee (non-refundable): $43.20
  • Deposit (refundable upon one month’s notice (excluding academic term breaks and holidays): $118 (P1 to P3 students), $150 (P4 to S4 students)

Please note that term fees are non-refundable once slot has been confirmed.

I am at the checkout page of your booking website and I see the total amount. How do I make payment?

Please hold off all payment until an official invoice from our system has been sent to your email which includes any other additional fees.

If you have not received an official invoice from us within 3 working days, please drop us an email at


Different schools are on different syllabus. What happens if my child's school is teaching a different topic to your centres?

All our teachers follow a weekly lesson plan designed by our curriculum writers. The lesson plans follow the pace of most schools, also considering examination periods when we will give students practice papers and focused revisions to prepare for examinations. Our teachers also frequently revisit past topics in between topics as a mini refresher before the exams.

If the student’s school is on a different topic compared to their class in BlueTree, the teacher may tweak the lesson plan to suit their needs. However, we may advise for the child to switch to a different class if there are also other students who are in a similar situation to better to the class as a whole.

If my child has any questions not related to the centre's classwork, can he/she ask the teachers?

Of course! We welcome and encourage students to not shy away and approach any of our teachers if they have any questions regarding schoolwork or homework before or after lessons.

However, we do seek all parents’ patience and understanding that our teachers may have back-to-back lessons and may not be able to answer all questions immediately and will try their best to get back to the student as soon as they possibly can.

Who are “Subject Specialists”?

Subject specialists as indicated on the website and in our drive are for classes that have yet to have a teacher assigned.

We would like to assure you that all our teachers are experienced and have been well-trained by our academic directors and heads.

Which teacher is better?

All our teachers have been carefully selected & trained by BlueTree founders. They are all professional, dedicated teachers and know their content well. The teachers build good rapport with the pupils and are patient with the pupils too.

Will I be able to get in touch with the teachers to check on or discuss about my child's progress?

You may contact the branch’s admin staaff to request to speak to our teachers to discuss on your child’s progress and teachers may get back to them either via a phone call, email or text message through the corporate mobile line.

Holiday Programmes

Can you help me with registration?

You may register via our booking website here.

For further enquiries, you may drop us an email at or Whatsapp us at +65 9616 0312.

I am unable to click on the module; it is grey in colour.

Do check that you have not selected another module on the same day and time slot. Refresh the page and try once more.

I want to book the module that says "FULL". Are you able to help squeeze my child in for this 1 module?

Once the module is indicated as FULL, we will not be able to slot any more students.

However, we can put your child on waitlist and inform you if a slot opens up. We seek your kind understanding that we cannot guarantee a slot.

How do I make payment?

Payment can be made via Paypal, PayNow or bank transfer. Please send us a screenshot of payment made for your booking to 9616 0312 or

Are there any discounts for current students?

Not for all holiday programmes. Our BT Parents will be sent a promo code via Whatsapp to key in at the checkout page. The discounted price will be recalculated automatically.

I did not receive any email on my booking.

That means you have not booked properly. You should receive an email after selecting the modules and another email after you have paid. 

Please drop us an email at if you have not received either.