P4 Math (2023)


Class Duration: 2h

P4 Maths topics (not listed in order)

Whole Numbers: Numbers up to 100 000, Four operations, Factors & multiples Patterns & Non Routine Questions

Fractions: Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions, Fractions of a set of objects, Addition & Subtraction

Decimals: Decimals up to 3 decimal places, Four operations

Measurement:  Time

Area & Perimeter

Geometry: Angles, Rectangle and Square, Line Symmetry

Statistics: Table and Line Graphs


Explore, Explain & Extend (3E)

Every lesson is packed with the learning of essential mathematical concepts and arithmetic skills. Pupils will Explore math through use of different activities such as cutting out symmetrical pictures to design a card. The weekly fun hands – on activities, worksheets and games reinforces concepts taught. Teachers Explain to pupils the various math concepts to deepen the pupils’ math understanding.  Pupils will have some opportunities to Extend their learning to Real World Math. Pupils will also learn how to use various types of heuristics to solve word problems.


Content & Heuristics Mastery

Pupils will learn to solve word problems using complex model drawing to help them solve word problems.

Pupils will learn various concepts such as Equal Fractions, part-whole relationship involving remainder values(s), Repeated Identity, Excess and Shortage, Assumption, Constant Total, Constant Difference, Quantity x Value and Set approach. They will be taught how to present their solutions using the Unitary Method in problem solving.

Pupils will develop critical thinking skills through higher order thinking challenging problem sums and GEP notes.




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