P5 Math (2024)


Class Duration: 2h

P5 Maths topics (not listed in order)

Whole Numbers: Numbers up to 10 million, Four operations, Patterns & Non Routine Questions

Fractions: Fraction & Division, Four operations

Decimals: Four operations

Percentage & Ratio

Rate & Speed

Area of triangle

Volume of Cube and Cuboid

Geometry: Angles, Triangle, Parallelogram, Rhombus and Trapezium

Statistics: Average of a set of Data


Explore, Explain & Extend (3E)

Every lesson is packed with the learning of essential mathematical concepts and arithmetic skills. Pupils will Explore math through use of different activities such as unit cubes to visualise the arrangement of a solid figure from Top, Front, Side View. Teachers Explain to pupils the various math concepts to deepen the pupils’ math understanding.  Pupils will have some opportunities to Extend their learning to Real World Math. Pupils will  be exposed to PSLE questions during revision


Content & Heuristics Mastery

Pupils will learn various concepts such as Gaps and Intervals, Constant Total, Constant Difference, Quantity x Value and Set approach to solve more complex word problems. They will be taught how to present their solutions using multiple equations in problem solving.

Pupils will develop critical thinking skills through higher order thinking challenging problem sums and GEP notes.

Pupils will be taught how to use the calculator to be familiar with examination requirements for Paper 2.



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