Primary 4 MAPS MATH (OCT 2023)

M.A.P. is designed as a fun and enriching session for the budding young minds to:

Gain a headstart with upcoming topics in order to get ahead of his/ her peers

  • Strengthen key foundation
  • Revise and catch up on past content
  • Receive pinpoint guidance on specific areas of weakness
  • Hone essential exam skills with our signature strategies – e.g. Mastering the Art of Answering Exam Questions

Math Module

Using BlueTree Signature S.O.L.VE Technique to identify concepts and solve problems sums quick and accurately.
Revision on P4 most essential and frequently tested questions.


1) Area and Perimeter

2) Constant Difference

– Age Questions

– Receiving an equal number of items

– Giving away an equal number of items

3) Set Approach and Quantity x Value

4) Using Model Drawing to solve problem sums questions:

– Repeated identity

– Working backwards

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