Primary 4 MAPS SCIENCE (OCT 2023)

M.A.P. is designed as a fun and enriching session for the budding young minds to:

Gain a headstart with upcoming topics in order to get ahead of his/ her peers

  • Strengthen key foundation
  • Revise and catch up on past content
  • Receive pinpoint guidance on specific areas of weakness
  • Hone essential exam skills with our signature strategies – e.g. Mastering the Art of Answering Exam Questions


Science Module

The Primary 4 Science Marks Accelerator Programme (M.A.P) will help your P4 child reinforce conceptual knowledge of key Science topics and equips your Primary 4 child with key answering techniques to manage the open-ended questions in Section B of the Science paper. Your child will be exposed to common exam questions in booklet A and B and will learn to master experiment-based questions. Our programme is designed to reinforce the understanding of key science concepts and provide your child with a firm foundation in Science.
The programme summary:
1. Intensive revision of key Science concepts
2. Introduction of key answer strategies for OEQ (Focus on experiment questions)
3. Understand common misconceptions and overcoming them.


Topics Include: All P4 topics including P3 digestive system


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