Primary 5/6 MAPS CHINESE (June 2023) P5 Chinese Vocab & Compre Workshop

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M.A.P. is designed as a fun and enriching session for the budding young minds to:

Gain a headstart with upcoming topics in order to get ahead of his/ her peers

  • Strengthen key foundation
  • Revise and catch up on past content
  • Receive pinpoint guidance on specific areas of weakness
  • Hone essential exam skills with our signature strategies – e.g. Mastering the Art of Answering Exam Questions

Chinese (Vocab & Compre)
Module 1
5A 词语复习,关联词训练,词语搭配,阅读理解一,书面互动

Module 2
5B 词语复习,短文填空,完成对话,阅读理解二题型练习

Module  3
6A 词语复习,词语选择,阅读理解自由发挥题训练