Primary 6 MAPS SCIENCE (JUNE 2024)

M.A.P. is designed as a fun and enriching session for the budding young minds to:

Gain a headstart with upcoming topics in order to get ahead of his/ her peers

Strengthen key foundation
Revise and catch up on past content
Receive pinpoint guidance on specific areas of weakness
Hone essential exam skills with our signature strategies – e.g. Mastering the Art of Answering Exam Questions

Science Module

The Primary 6 Science Marks Accelerator Programme (M.A.P) focuses on the intensive revision of key concepts of the stated topics and revisit common misconceptions of these topics. Your child would be equipped with the necessary answering techniques and strategies to answer open-ended questions in Section B of the Science paper better. The teachers would also teach useful PSLE exam techniques e.g. question analysis so your child knows how to manage his/her next exam better and be well-prepared for PSLE Science.

The programme summary:
1. Intensive Revision Of Key Science Concepts
2. Common Misconceptions Revealed & Understood
3. Be equipped with proven & easy to apply answer strategies for OEQ
4. Learn important & useful PSLE Science exam tips

Mod 1 Topics:
Interactions within the environment
1) Factors of an environment
2) Food chains and webs
3) Adaptations
4) Habitats

Mod 2 Topics:
Interaction of forces , energy forms and conversions

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